Hello & welcome to Expansive Experience! My name is Maria, the creator and creative behind what you see here. This extension of myself represents my desire to express through art, magic, creativity and connection.

50% of the cost of each clothing item is used to create the items using a printing company called Printful. The other 50% supports me as the artist behind every design you see.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by me, as well! The Mala necklaces have 108 beads and 108 knots infused with an intention and are made using natural gemstone beads and a durable chord of satin and nylon blend.

Expansive Experience also creates space within the EDM community through wellness workshops and offerings hosted at various festivals across the country, soon to be internationally! You can support these endeavors by checking us out on social media and coming to one of our wellness workshops at a festival near you! Do you have something you want to share? Curious to host a workshop inspired by spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellness? Send me an e-mail to expansivexperience@gmail.com to connect for future opportunities!

If you’re looking to expand your experience through 1 on 1 spiritual support sessions with me, I invite you to Invest In Your Wellness above and let’s pull some cards and work together to explore your current mindset and create space to shift into alignment with your most desireable reality!

Follow us on instagram for more art, inspiration, authenticity, and energy work, @expansivexperience!

Breathe it all in. Take up all the space.

Love you most,